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Substance Abuse Prevention

Infographics & Fact Sheets

This section displays the infographics that illustrate the impact of substance abuse. Data used in each infographic is compiled from national and state level survey data using the infogr.am.com. Feel free to share the visual you’ve created through different social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more!

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This section displays different maps with interactive components that allow users to explore the different behavioral health indicator rates with the various counties and regions in Georgia.

Charts and Graphs

This section displays different interactive charts and graphs to identify trends on the different behavioral health indicators in Georgia.

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Epi Profiles

This section displays the Epidemiological Profiles for Georgia. It contains descriptive statistics on state and county level information in Georgia. Profiles give a descriptive outline of different patterns, causes, and effects. These Profiles contain information on demographics, substance abuse, education, and other related behavioral health issues within Georgia.

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This section displays numerous reports and publications on a wide variety of behavioral health issues.